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For when I was in came to visit me."  Matt. 25:34-36
MercyFire Teaml members from left to right Mick Clifford, Ron Bergman, Sr. Judith,
 David Walowen and Brian Fabish
First row:  Sally McGinley, Joe Musto, Cindy Liskov, Eileen Bohensky, Paul Tobin, Brian Fabish, Peter , second row : Mike Drank, Mark Uleau, David, Walowen, Sr. Judith, Jim McConarty,  third row:  Mick Clifford, Gene Robert, Ron Bergman, David Nice, Andy Hancheck, Roberta Woomer, and Joe Vergona.
PCGG members from all parts of eastern and central Pennsylvania gathered at St Mary's Providence Retreat Center in Elverson, Pennsylvania.  Led by Sister Judith and her team, participants heard from Sister Judith and the team about their own travels in life.  Stories of alcoholisnm, and disfunctional family life, no different than the lives of those they minister too.  Their purpose was to show that their lives and those of us who go into prisons are no different  than those who are incarcerated.

The weekend included prayer, group gathering and Mass celebrated by Father Bednarik, OPM who is the Spiritual Director for PCGG.  There was also time for quiet reflection.  

One participant at the retreat was David Nice from the Houtzdale affiliate.  David stated that he came to the retreat to get away a bit from daily life and share time with the Lord and fellow PCGG members.  He said his experience was very positive and liked the openness where he had the opportunity to hear from his fellow PCGG members about their own experiences and challenges which they encounter when going into prison.  He explained that this retreat has been different because it was more open because we have so much in common through our commom prison ministry

​If you have never been on a retreat or just could not join us this year, consider joining us the next time we gather in fellowship and prayer!
PCGG Members Gather Together at PCGG Retreat
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Election of Statewide and Affiliate Leadership for 2018 - 2020
Newly Elected Affiliate Core Team Leadership should be sent to 
the newly elected Statewide Core Team Coordinator, Ginny Anspach
 as well as Secretay/Treasurer, Joe Musto

The following individual statewide affiliate members have been elected as your Statewide Core Team leadership for  2 year period for 2018 through 2020.  They will assume the leadership on April 1, 2018 through
 March 31, 2020.  
The new leadership includes:

Statewide Coordinator                  -   Ginny Anspach,  Lancaster Affiliate
Assistant Statewide Coordinator  -    Bob Ribic,  Harrisburg Affiliate
Secretary/Treasurer                     -    Joe Musto,  Dallas Affiliate
Liturgist                                        -     Roberta Woomer, Rockview/Benner                                                              Affiliate
Lay Director                                 -     Joe Marrazzo,  Harrisburg Affiliate
Assistant Lay Director                 -      Eileen Bohensky, Somerset Affiliate                                  

Quarterly Gathering was held in January
 including the election Statewide Leadership.  To find out what transpired  click the Minutes of the Meeting attached below.